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Sunday 29 September 2013

Review: Pinkabella activity books

Parragon have launched a range of activity books, aimed at those little girls who just love pink. Miss E will gladly admit to you that pink is her favourite colour and I know she will go mad for these books.

We were sent copies of Pinkabella loves drawing and Pinkabella dress-up to try out. Miss E took a liking to the drawing one as she considers herself the artist of the family and Miss M liked the look of the sticker dress-up as she has a really great sense of style and loves to fashion new outfits.

The books are good quality and you can tell they are a premium brand. The cover is glossy and both come with little extras - the drawing one has tons of sweet little heart shaped erasers and the dress up has a pack of 3D bows with diamontes. My girls loved these little bits but really - what do you do with 20 tiny erasers? However it is obvious I do not have the imagination of a 6 year old as the girls used them as sweets in their pretend shop.

The pages inside are on good quality paper and both feature a lot of colour. With the dress-up book the stickers are easy to remove and Miss M enjoyed sticking them on to make outfits. It is a shame the other book did not have any stickers but the pages and the prompts they give for drawing are good - fill the shoe rack, draw some yummy cakes, decorate the biscuits etc.

I would say these books are suitable from about age 4 upwards and it is useful if you can read, so that you can find out what the task is, but saying that it does not matter if the child can't as I'm sure they would still have fun sticking and drawing.

These books have an RRP of £6.00 each. However I noticed they are selling on Amazon for anything upwards of £1.99 so there is a bargain to be had!

There are some free colouring and activity pages to try out here - http://www.parragon.com/pinkabella/uk.html

Disclosure: We were sent these 2 books free of charge for the purpose of this review, I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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