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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Review: Star Paws Sticker Books

What is it with kids and stickers, they just seem to go crazy for them? Especially when it includes incredibly cute (and yes silly) looking animals it seems to be even more popular.

I have not come across the STAR PAWS series  (from Macmillan Children's Books) before but having now looked at them I just know that my 6 year old twin girls are going to adore them and how useful will they be when we need to take a 2 hour car journey to Nanny's in a couple of weeks?

These are really good quality sticker books that retail at £3.99 each. There are 16 glossy pages of cute animals (all sorts - bears, hamsters, kittens, dogs, ducks, owls, monkeys, squirrels - oh yes they are all there!) ready for you to adorn with stickers and make them look as crazy as possible.

You get 8 full pages (these are big books, at just over A4 size) of glossy stickers and there is all sorts - kilts, perfume, food accessories, shoes, hats, pants, dresses, everything your child could desire for dressing up their animals. The sticker pages are perforated to come straight out the book (very clever) and remove form the backing paper easily, both my girls could do it themselves. Then the stickers also seem to peel off the page OK if you want to use them again somewhere else, although they are not advertised as reusable.

Four new titles have just been launched to add to the collections already available - you can now purchase - Christmas, Shopping, Amazing Jobs and even Knights - proving these are not just aimed at little girls.

There are loads of different titles available and some good prices available on Amazon I noticed. Check them out for super and inexpensive Christmas gifts,

Disclosure: We received review copies of these sticker books.I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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