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Thursday 14 November 2013

Fabulous Family Christmas Films on DVD

I don't know about you but one of my favourite ways to get into the mood for Christmas and to start the countdown to the big day is to watch Christmas movies. This year we no longer have paid-for TV and thus we have lost all the Christmas film channels that so frequently got played last year. Thankfully we were sent a couple of family friendly films to start our long countdown to Christmas.

I sat down with my twin girls  (aged 6 years) and snuggled up for a good watch and we thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday afternoon -

12 Dogs of Christmas 2 (The great puppy rescue)

None of us had seen 12 Dogs of Christmas the original movie but this did not matter at all, we soon got into the plot and enjoyed ourselves. I'll be honest with you, if you are an adult this film is not going to knock your socks off, it is not a blockbuster cinema movie after all but it was nice and perfectly watch able and actually just perfect for a family afternoon snuggled up together.

As far as Miss M was concerned nothing can top this film, it contains everything she loves in life - teenage girls, dancing and dogs - perfect! I love the message of this type of film where people pull together to save the day, in this case the dogs.

I am sure this film will be watched many times by our girls and JJ (our 10 year old boy) also enjoyed it too. Have a peek and see what you think -

Run time: 102 minutes
Certificate: U
Starring: Danielle Churchran, Sean Patrick Flanery, Alli Simpson
Availabel to buy on Amazon for just £5.00 - a bargain!

Home & Alone for Christmas

The other movie we watched was a bit too madcap for me if I'm honest but it truly had the kids hooting with laughter and I heard the odd snort from my husband too. In the style of the Home Alone films (but not as good in my opinion) it is about a family who decide to reconnect by staying home together with no utilities or luxuries in their home for 3 days but it turns out that they have to fight a couple of bad guys a la Macaulay Culkin. Not a traditional Christmas movie but one that allowed me to sit down and sew for an hour whilst the family were all happy watching.

Run time: 98 minutes
Certificate: U
Starring: George Newbern, Megyn Price, Taylor Spreitler
Available to buy on Amazon for just £7.07

Disclosure: Both of these DVD's were sent to me for the purse of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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