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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Fabulous find - Topcashback.co.uk

I can't lie to you I'm pretty new to all these cashback sites. Until the summer I had never even tried one and even now I forget quite a lot to use the click through activation. Can you believe that I spent £4500 with a furniture retailer back in June and I forgot to go via a cashback site? You can tell I'm not over the disappointment of that one yet as here I am bringing it up five months later. If I had made my purchase via Topcashback.co.uk then I would have received 7.35% cashback on the whole purchase, that is £330.75 I lost out on!

Oh well, onwards and upwards, now I am in the loop I need to make sure that I do all my shopping online and by going via Topcashback.co.uk.  There are some fabulous deals to be had, as I discovered when they gave me and a few other bloggers £80 and challenged us to spend it via their site and make the most cashback/ save the most on normal retail prices.  Of course how much you can make/ save really does depend on what you need. I sat there this morning with my Christmas shopping list and started to have a look through which retailers I might visit and gain cashback from. I was pleased to see plenty of big names like Debenham, Asda, Argos and M&S.

Here is what I spent my money on -

Red Letter Days - Afternoon tea for two for £35, which gives me a massive 23.1% cashback. First £8.08 credited to my Topcashback account and a great Christmas present sorted. I was also impressed that when I visited the hotels website the price direct would have cost £4 more than going via Red Letter Days.

Then I bought some Christmas toys from Argos and a spend of £41.43 gave me £3.99 in cash back. Not quite the 10.5% it advertised but that amount did include the delivery charge and I didn't really expect to get cashback on that. I had some good savings on the items I bought though, a 2 for £15 deal saved me £5 and a reduction in the price of the Bop It saved me another £5.60.

Next I visited F&F clothing (Tesco) and picked up a bargain pair of slipper boots for Miss E, at just £7 a pair I don't think you can go wrong with those. I got 6.3% cashback on those and that was another 36p.

I think I did fairly well to gain £12.43 cashback on my £80 spend but not content with that I had an explore on the Topcashback site to see where else I could gain some money and they have a free cash section.  I took a free trial subscription to Love Film and once I have streamed 120 minutes of film I receive another £12.60 in cashback.  You really can't argue with 2 months of free movies and £12.60 given to you as well - perfect for TV watching over the gloomy winter months.

That takes my total cashback for my £80 spend to £25.03, that is a 31.3% return and I'm really happy with that.

I'll happily be using Topcashback again in the future an would recommend you take a peek as well. If surveys and competitions are your thing you can even earn money by doing those or using various insurance quote comparison sites too.

Disclosure: I received £80 credit to trial out the Topcashback site and to give my honest opinion, they have not instructed me what to write.


  1. OOh some brilliant savings there! I tried Topcashback too, and wish I had started years ago now!

  2. Ohhhhh I LOVE TCB!! Had well over £600 back the past few years and the discount codes are ridiculously handy for free shipping etc - recommend it to everyone!! Sim x

  3. Bop-It games are good arent they? I remember a friends daughter havig one a few years ago and even the adults were forming a queue to play it! i do like this idea of making money when you spend it - very enticing x

  4. I love cashback schemes - soooo important for this time of year!

  5. This is something I really ought to do - thank you for the nudge.

  6. I am an avid cashbacker (is that even a phrase?!) Those sites are amazing to use when your insurance policies need renewing, or you are going to switch energy providers, or at Christmas.

  7. That's really rather good. I NEVER use a cash back site. Food for thought there!

  8. Oh wow, I'd still be kicking myself over that furniture purchase too!

    Topcashback is brilliant, I am with several but it's always the first one i check before buying anything as it seems to have the most merchants ad the best rates.

  9. ha ha the bop it game brings back some memories! great fun. what a great idea topcashback is will investigate further.

  10. Ooooh, I must try it out! You've reminded me I need to buy Bop it too :-)

  11. I've not tried a cashback site so I'll check it out - sounds like there are bargains to be had - and I do need to buy a pair of slippers!

  12. I really must start doing this - such a good idea.


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