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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Time for Tesco Clubcard Boost

I absolutely love seeing my Tesco Clubcard points clocking up. Call me sad but it makes such a difference to be able to exchange those points for deals and to do things as a family that we might not be able to afford otherwise. And because we have a Tesco credit card it means that we earn a lot of points in this house no matter where we shop - it is win:win.

Now with Christmas fast approaching, I am all about getting prepared and sorting the presents out nice and early, so I was pleased to hear that the Clubcard Boost is back again. This is where each £5 of clubcard tokens can be boosted into a £10 voucher to spend and I can do this both in-store and online.  Not every department is included in this special event so you need to check, but so many are that it makes it really worthwhile.

Here are my top 5 of gifts that I am looking to buy this Christmas (and don't you just know they are all included in the Boost promotion -

1)  Both dh and myself have brothers who are not easy to buy for so I think this year I will help them to look after themselves. A 30ml bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity at £22 a bottle will do the job perfectly! (That is only £11 of clubcard tokens that I need to boost to get 1 bottle, bargain).

2)  next up is something to help JJ get up in the mornings. I did not realise kids turn into snoozing teenagers at age 10 but he finds it so difficult to awake. So hopefully this LEGO Ninjago Kai clock will help him. This is something really unique that I've not seen before and the red will compliment his room wonderfully. It is £25 and worth it I think.

3)  OK this next one is not the most glamorous gift but sometimes you have to be practical. Dh's grandma suffers with arthritis and I think this Kenwood electric can opener will really help her as it takes the hard and fiddly work out of it. At just £14 it is a good investment for her.

4)  My Mum is really stylish and I know that this lace top would look beautiful on her slim figure and at just £12 you can't get better than that. As it is cream coloured it will go with everything and you can have a cardie or shawl in the colder months to help you stay warm.

5)  Last up we have dh's parents who always like a nice tipple at Christmas so it would be sensible to invest in a case of wine for them. I quite fancy the Tesco Finish Pinot Grigio at £47.94 per case and don't forget if you boost your clubcard tokens it will only really cost you half that amount.

There you have my top 5 that I am going to be investing in this Christmas.

How will you boost your tokens?

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  1. ooooh I've been waiting for a boost event. Thanks for letting me know. x


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