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Saturday 16 November 2013

Review: Instajunction

I have been using Instagram since October last year and I really do love it. As someone who until last week has only ever had a camera phone in recent years I really welcome the opportunity to use apps like Instagram to make my photos look far better. Something really very ordinary, becomes fabulous in just a few short moments - perfect!

Left - before and right = after being Instagrammed!

And now I can use Instajunction to transfer those great pictures onto many gift ideas and pictures for my home.

I choose to order a set of 4 coasters (which will be a Christmas gift, so I sure hope they are not reading!). These retail for £14.99 and to be honest I'm not sure about the colouring on them. They are very dark and brightly coloured, whereas I'm not sure the original Instagram images were. Have a look below and judge for yourself. I do think they look very modern and I like them but the person I'm gifting them to would probably like them to be more muted and real-to-life in colouring. The coasters are fairly small in comparison to others (they are 9cm x 9cm) but I think big enough to do the job you want them to. They are a quality wood coaster with a hi-gloss finish on the photo and that might be why the colouring looks darker than it really should be.

The other item  choose to trial out was the vinyl wall stickers. I opted for a pack of 8, which retail for £19.99 and I put the rest of the money in myself. Let me say now, I absolutely love these, they are brilliant. I have not quite decided where I will put them as yet but I have been using some blu-tac and trying out a few places. They do say that they are fully re-positional once I have stuck them to the wall but I want to play around and be sure I'm using them in the right area first. Here are a couple of ideas I have been playing with -

I found the Instajunction website easy to use and there is a good selection of products to choose from including magnets, cards, framed prints, calenders, mini books and many more.

I thought the flat rate delivery charge of £2.95 per order is really good value and the products arrived quickly and well protected for delivery.

If you fancy trying out Instajunction then use the code LOY25C9C at checkout to benefit from a 25% discount, this can be used as many times as you like before 31st Dec 2013.  Have fun!

Disclosure: I received £25 credit to spend at Instajunction for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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