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Friday 15 November 2013


You might be asking yourself right now 'what on earth is a Doodlemat?'. My first thought was that it would be one of those blotter type pads that posh desks have so the executive can doodle while chatting on the phone. I may just be showing my age and no where has those anymore!

However, these Doodlemats that we have received to review are quite different. These are aimed at children and make wonderful gifts.

The mats that I requested are the larger size (approximately A3), there are also smaller mats available, which are about A4 in size. I was impressed that the mats are made in the UK, it is always a plus to receive a local product. The mats have a glossy melamine cover which the children can write on again and again. The dry-wipe marker (one is supplied with it) wipes away easily with even just a tissue and of course comes off super easy with a wet cloth or wetwipe.

Miss M is obsessed with playing schools and shops at the moment and this board is just perfect for her to pretend she is at school or to write the price list on for her latest shop venture. Not only that I really like that I can just leave it on my kitchen table and when she comes in the kitchen to chat to me she now doodles safety on the Doodlemat instead of a) using up all my paper or b) doodling on my oilcloth!

There are ten different designs to choose from and I think these will appeal to both boys and girls and a wide variety of ages. JJ (aged 10) has already announced that he needs his own Doodlemat so he can play noughts and crosses and boxes when we go to restaurants and are waiting for our meal to arrive.

The A3 size Doodlemat retails for £16.50 and the smaller A4 size one is just £10.50.  Having seen and used the mat myself I feel confident it will last a long time. It is a nice thick corkboard which feels really durable, of course the flip side of this is that it is a bit heavy for the girls to use by just holding it, the large one does need to be on the table for them.

As well as the Doodlemat the same company also sell personalised place/ activity mats. I did not receive one of these for review as I knew my girls would love the Doodlemats best but they are very similar. The design just covers the whole mat and has the child's name on them. I adore the idea that the larger mat can be used as a chopping board to encourage the child to get involved in the kitchen.  If we did not have heat resistant coverings on all our wood tables I would definitely invest in some of these to protect my furniture.

If you fancy placing an order for a Doodlemat or placemat then head over and check out the beautiful designs. You can also claim 25% discount when you use the code 'Mummyfromtheheart' in the Promotion code box at checkout.

Delivery is £4.95 per order or you can pay £7.95 for express delivery, this seems a bit hefty but as I mentioned the mats are heavy and well-made and the weight is probably the reason. Maybe best to plan for some future birthdays and order a few at a time!

Disclosure: I was sent two Doodlemats for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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